In our own words ...

... on Business Ethics
"Companies are devoting increasing efforts towards ensuring that all their activities comply with relevant codes and regulations, but it is crucial that commercial objectives are not ignored. Code in Practice believes that Good Promotional Practice is synergistic with good business practice. Our services are designed to enable client companies to integrate Code and business requirements."

... on Training
"The Code presents many difficult challenges, not least in interpretation, which can require considerable experience and expertise. There is no quick way to gain experience, but good training and mentoring allow individuals to gain the required knowledge and develop sound judgement."

... on Compliance
"Clear, well-documented and regularly audited procedures are essential for Code governance. But every business is different, so the detail and implementation of procedures must be carefully tailored – it cannot be a matter of ‘one size fits all’. Procedures should provide a framework for maximally effective working; they should not be a straitjacket. If your procedures are getting in the way of business, you have the wrong procedures."